Lead Forensics

A new approach

The ultimate Trust & Safety platform

  • All data signals in one place
  • AI powered end-to-end moderation platform integrating all detection sources
  • Manual and automated processing
  • Compliant by design
  • Built to power content moderation best practices

A new approach

A fit-for-purpose, centralised platform to tackle the challenges many content moderation teams face

Disparate data and detection sources, tool fragmentation, information silos, inefficiencies

Manage « noisy » signals, like user reports

Suboptimal control, lack of transparency and insufficient robustness

Very manual decision making, leaving room to inconsistencies

Inconsistent execution of policies and terms of service

A new approach to Trust & Safety software

Our platform allows digital services to:

Moderate all content, no matter the source of detection, in one place
Streamline their moderation process
Generate operational efficiencies (of up to 50%)
Achieve better control and transparency
Ensure consistent application of their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines
Customise queue management and prioritisation rules

Compliance by design

A compliant-by-design platform to meet the EU Digital Services Act’s obligations, and beyond

  • Effective notice and action system for user reports
  • Customisable statements of reason
  • Built-in appeal mechanism
  • Built in consultation with a team of regulatory experts to meet all global compliance obligations

Our platform


Value and benefits

Fastest, cheapest, least risky path to compliance

Access best-in-class functionality

Drastically reduce inefficiencies, maximise productivity

Minimise your engineering time and cost

Achieve full visibility over, and control of, your moderation process

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