Trust & Safety Advisory

Assess and mitigate your organization’s Trust & Safety gaps
Our experts advise top management, T&S teams, and compliance professionals on T&S strategy, compliance, and best practice.

Your path to continuous T&S compliance

Tremau’s Advisory Services will help you achieve this with the help of experts who operate alongside your internal team as trusted advisors.

Understand your regulatory obligations

Are your teams prepared to meet current and upcoming regulations, such as the Regulation on Terrorist Content Online and the Digital Services Act? Our experts will help you understand your obligations so that you can make informed decisions about your compliance needs.

Regulatory readiness assessment and gap analysis

Undertake a diagnostic to assess the preparedness of your T&S systems and processes to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Equip yourself with the hard facts and data to develop a game plan and close any identified gaps.

T&S regulatory strategy and roadmap

Work with our experts to establish a T&S strategy and a technology roadmap that is the right fit for you and your operations. Be accompanied by our experts throughout the implementation process.

Compliance as a service

Tremau’s Compliance-as-a-Service is how our clients stay on top of upcoming and future EU digital regulations and avoid fines. It’s a combination of advisory services and the usage of an end-to-end workflow tool that in combination ensures that our clients are always compliant.

Process mapping and efficiency

We will map your processes from end to end so that you have full visibility of your T&S processes and performance. Our experts will help you understand where there are process inefficiencies and frictions so that you can be more reactive to your rising T&S needs.

Best practice recommendations

Our experts will provide you with best practices and concrete recommendations to implement that will allow continuous compliance while remaining cost efficient, effective, and prioritizing human well-being.


Advisory Diagnostic Services

Tremau’s Advisory Services are highly targeted assessments designed to help organizations understand their obligations to address todays and tomorrows most pressing T&S risks. Performed by experts, these efficient engagements examine your current T&S operations and risk areas to produce findings within three to five weeks.


“Tremau helped to map our processes and gave a comprehensive assessment on how the Digital Services Act and the Terrorist Content Online Regulations will impact our business. This has greatly helped us to optimize our processes and increase our regulatory readiness.”
Head of Trust & Safety at major online platform


The Digital Services Act is the EU law that aims to govern and limit the spread of illegal and harmful content online. It establishes a set of obligations for private actors with the objective of creating a safe and secure online environment for all.

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The continued presence of terrorist content on the web is a grave risk to citizens and to society at large. Terrorists misuse the internet to spread their messages to intimidate, radicalize, recruit, and facilitate carrying out terrorist attacks. To tackle this threat, the European Commission has put forward a series of voluntary and legislative measures and initiatives to help mitigate the terrorist threat.

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The DSA is set to be implemented across all Member States of the European Union by 2024. To ensure that your service is ready to meet the obligations of this regulation, we conduct a readiness assessment that is aimed at identifying gaps in your processes and procedures and recommending the appropriate remediation actions.

Trust & Safety is the set of policies, procedures and processes through which online platforms protect their platforms from abuse and keep their users safe so as to enable a safe and secure experience for all.

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