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What is Content Moderation Software?

Content moderation software is a specialized tool that allows content moderators and their managers to handle their duties efficiently, and to comply with their regulatory obligations more easily.

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Features of Content Moderation Software

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All detection and notification sources integrated

Good content moderation software ingests data from all notification sources: user reports, AI-based detection tools, law enforcement agencies, regulators, trusted flaggers, with limited engineering work.

End-to-end platform

Good content moderation software integrates with AI-detection tools so that the moderation team does not have to interact with multiple UIs and platforms. The Content Moderation software is the open, single, end-to-end content moderation platform.

Policy-based moderation

Good Content Moderation software allows the set up of policies by type of content, and the moderator simply validates the type of content, and the corresponding policy is automatically applied. This greatly increases the moderator's efficiency.

Process monitoring, and management oversight

Good content moderation software provides managers with dashboards to monitor the process: quality, productivity, etc. This offers unparalleled control to the organization over this business-critical process.

Benefits of Content Moderation Software

Efficiency and Savings:
Good Content Moderation software make moderators more productive, and therefore generate savings

Good Content Moderation software fully supports regulatory compliance, for example with the EU Digital Services Act or the EU Terrorist Content Online Act

Protect user trust and company revenue:
Bad experiences with harmful content generate user distrust in the platform, and research shows that user distrust negatively impacts a platform’s revenue through decreased usage or user attrition

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