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Implementing the DSA Part 2: What are the impacts on my moderation operating systems?

Kick off your new year by joining us for a deep dive into content moderation in the age of the DSA. In “Implementing the Digital Services Act Part 2: What Tools & Processes Do I Need?” we will showcase the importance of cutting-edge content moderation software and discuss the essential tools and processes required for compliance with the DSA.

Anticipating some post-holiday blues? We’ve got you covered. In this engaging session, we will: :

  • Explore the impact of the DSA (and other related regulations) on your content moderation operating systems
  • Hear from Mike Pappas, the CEO of Modulate.ai, the industry’s leading proactive voice chat moderation solution purpose-built for games. Learn how this innovative technology addresses challenges specific to the gaming community.
  • Get insights from David Lissmyr, the CEO of Sightengine, a leading provider of image and video moderation. 
  • Learn from Joel Sooriah, Head of Product of Tremau, about the steps to take to update your moderation processes to meet the new obligations 
  • Engage with our expert speakers in a live Q&A session. Get answers to your specific queries and gain further clarity on content moderation best practices.

This webinar is a must-attend for T&S operators, compliance officers, and anyone navigating the evolving landscape of online content regulation. 

Register now to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your platform is ready for the DSA.

Webinar Details:

Date: 17th of January, 2024

Time: 8 AM PT | 5 PM CET

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Missed our Implementing the DSA Part 1 webinar? Check out the key learning HERE.


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