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Webinar: DSA Deconstructed

How the new DSA obligations will impact your service

This webinar, organised by Inline and Tremau, focused on what the Digital Services Act (DSA) means for online services operating in the European Union and what businesses must do to comply with the DSA’s provisions, which entered into force in November 2022. 


  • Celene Craig, Executive Director of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
  • Courtney Gregoire, Chief Digital Safety Officer, Microsoft
  • David Sullivan, Executive Director of the Digital Trust and Safety Partnership
  • Theodoros Evgeniou (moderator), Co-founder of Tremau & INSEAD Professor

Key takeaways:

  • DSA preparedness helps to plan for regulations in other jurisdictions: Similar regulations are being introduced worldwide, and there are many common themes, including risk assessment in the product lifecycle, granular transparency reporting, enhancement of the moderation process with user reporting, and complaint mechanisms.
  • Going beyond the DSA: While the DSA’s initial obligations are known, many will be developed through secondary regulation and multi-stakeholder conversations (codes of conduct, best practices…). Engaging with the DSA beyond compliance right now allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve.
  • The business value of trust & safety: Users increasingly report having unpleasant experiences online. This signals a tipping point where they may turn away from companies. Safety is a value proposition to customers, to earn their trust and help retention. Companies of all sizes will find many advantages in going beyond strict compliance with the DSA.


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