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What is DSA compliance?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is an EU legislation that seeks to regulate online services, by introducing obligations related to content moderation, transparency, terms and conditions, and more. Its purpose is to create a safer and more accountable digital space while promoting innovation and competition.

DSA Compliance:
A Necessity for Your Business

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Why is DSA compliance important?

Compliance with the EU’s Digital Services Act ensures online service providers operate within a harmonized legal framework, safeguarding both their reputation and users’ rights. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines and compromise trust with the European user base.

The requirements of DSA compliance include

Notice and Action

Effective mechanism to receive, process and review notices from users about illegal content

Complaints and appeals

Effective mechanism to appeal moderation decisions by users about their content or accounts.

Statement of reasons

A mechanism to inform users whose content has been blocked about the reasons

Transparency reporting

Ability to log and quantify all types of moderation decisions

Clear Terms and Conditions

Say what you do and do what you say principle

The Benefits of DSA Compliance

  • Protected fundamental rights online
  • Less exposure to the illegal content
  • Legal certainty
  • Effective mitigation of systemic risks

How can you comply with DSA regulations?

Online service providers must adopt transparent content moderation processes, implement robust user reporting mechanisms, and regularly assess potential platform risks. Ensuring adherence to these standards not only fosters user trust but also secures a strong market position within the EU digital landscape. Get in touch with us today and ensure DSA readiness!

DSA - how does it impact you?

Explore the impact of new EU regulations on your business. TakeTremau's survey now to understand the direct impact of the latest EU regulations on your online services.

DSA Transparency Reports Tracker

Explore digital transparency under the EU's Digital Services Act with our DSA Tracker. Stay updated on content moderation mandates for a clear view of the digital landscape.

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