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Tremau Presents: Discussing the DSA with Industry Leader Jeff Dunn

Inaugural webinar on the DSA – Kicking things off with Jeff Dunn!

We’re excited to introduce a captivating webinar that delves deep into the world of the Digital Services Act (DSA). This series aims to provide valuable insights and discussions around DSA, and we’re honored to commence our first session with none other than Jeff Dunn.

Jeff Dunn is an industry leader and expert. His authoritative voice in the Trust & Safety domain has been shaped by an impressive tenure of 8 years at Google, managing key Trust & Safety functions. Jeff’s dedication to online safety, coupled with his vision for sustainable growth, positions him as an undeniable expert on the subject.

Key Focus of the Webinar: Gain a deeper understanding of the Digital Services Act and its profound implications for the Trust & Safety landscape. This legislative piece by the European Commission emphasizes user rights and aims to foster a more secure digital ecosystem.

Highlights of Our Discussion Include:

  • The transformative effect of DSA on platform responsibilities concerning Trust & Safety.
  • Insights into how the DSA has elevated platform Trust & Safety standards.
  • Expert recommendations and best practices.
  • Forward-looking strategies and measures to address upcoming challenges in Trust & Safety.

Join us for this enriching session and empower yourself with the knowledge to align your platform’s Trust & Safety strategies with future requirements.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: 18th of October
  • Time: 9 AM PT | 6 PM CET
  • Registration below


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