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Demystifying DSA and Online Safety Act Compliance: Join Our Webinar!

In response to the evolving digital arena, stringent regulations like the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the UK’s Online Safety Bill (OSA) are emerging, posing new challenges, especially for small and micro enterprises. To navigate this complex shift, Tremau is hosting a crucial webinar on November 16th, offering a pragmatic discussion on these regulatory changes. 

This webinar is focused on demystifying the DSA/OSA compliance journey, providing actionable insights through a synthesis of regulator expectations and industry best practices. Participants will engage with thought leaders in a dialogue designed to equip them with practical strategies for adaptation, including:  

Highlights of Our Discussion Include:

  • Clarified Timelines and Duties: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the DSA/OSA’s current status, implications, and timelines, with a focus on what it means for small and micro enterprises. 
  • Operational Compliance Guide: Learn directly about the regulatory duties your company needs to undertake and what regulators expect from you. 
  • Success Stories and Actionable Insights: Hear from platforms that have successfully navigated their way through complex regulations and take away practical steps your company can implement immediately. 
  • Strategizing for the Future: Receive guidance on anticipated regulatory challenges, with advice on preemptive measures and resource allocation to streamline your compliance journey. 

Join us for this enriching session and empower yourself with the knowledge to align your platform’s Trust & Safety strategies with future requirements.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: 16th of November
  • Time: 4 PM CET
  • Registration below


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