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Webinar: Child Protection Online

How companies can meet new obligations and move beyond compliance in protecting children in the digital space 

New and upcoming legislation such as the EU’s Digital Services Act and UK’s Online Safety Bill are changing how online services protect child users. This webinar explored how global technology companies are approaching regulation and how the trust and safety community can move beyond compliance to best practices.


Key takeaways:

  • The interests of the child are front and centre today. Companies support the various regulations coming out that advocate for protecting minors. They are also taking action to go beyond regulation, developing their own principles and tools to empower vulnerable users.
  • Protecting children online is a multifaceted challenge, and governments are working to balance prescription and flexibility with regulation to ensure that companies continue to have the space to innovate and produce best practices in the field.
  • It is important to bring all the actors in the ecosystem together to best protect children – including policymakers, educators, parents, young users and, crucially, the product developers and engineers working on the ground.


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