Tremau is a technology start-up focused on developing innovative tools and services to help those in the digital industry mitigate regulatory and operational risk. Our bespoke solutions are engineered to meet the needs of online service providers and users of AI-enabled technologies.

Our team

We combine strong practical expertise and experience in:

Building successful
start-ups and products

Applied Research on risk and regulatory issues of AI and data intensive technologies

Leading regulatory and international initiatives around moderation of illegal content online

Managing regulatory and
operational risks

Our founders

Louis-Victor de Franssu

Co-founder & CEO

Prior to co-founding Tremau, Louis-Victor was deputy to the French Ambassador for Digital Affairs. In this role, he specialized in issues related to tackling illegal content online and disinformation, including leading France’s work on the Christchurch Call to Action and the OECD transparency reporting framework on terrorist content online. Prior to joining the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Louis-Victor worked for a leading non-financial risk management consulting firm within the financial industry. Louis-Victor holds an MBA from INSEAD and BA from the University of Notre Dame.

Pal Boza

Co-founder & COO

Besides Tremau, Pal is also researcher at INSEAD workingon the field of Trustworthy Al and the use of Al in the renewable energy sector. Pal has previously worked as a consultant for major utilities to shape their strategies and helped develop new innovative products. He has also worked in senior roles in the public administration to develop and manage programmes financed by EU funds. Pal holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD and graduated from the French Public Administration School (ENA).

Theos Evgeniou


Theos is a professor at INSEAD. He has been working on Al and Machine Learning for almost 25 years and is the author of some of the most cited articles in machine learning since 2000. His recent work on Al regulation has been also published in Science, Nature Digital Medicine, Lancet Digital Health, and Harvard Business Review among others. He is currently director of the INSEAD Executive Education programs on “Transforming your Business with Al” and “Al for Business”. He has been an advisor for a number of companies, a member of the OECD Network of Experts on Al, an advisor for the BCG Henderson Institute, and a World Economic Forum Academic Partner for Al. Theos holds 4 degrees from MIT, including a PhD in computer science.

Jean-Eudes Leroy


Besides being co-founder of Tremau, Jean-Eudes is currently CEO of nami, a new Artificial Intelligence of Things start-up based in Singapore. Prior to nami, he built one of the top 10 global Wi-Fi certified IoT brands, with millions of connected products deployed over 4 continents. He has also experience building several start-ups, two of them later acquired by publicly listed companies. Jean-Eudes holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD.

Mission statement

We’re convinced that the digital revolution is a fundamental force for good. We believe that new digital technologies have enabled economic and intellectual prosperity and have also expanded societal freedoms that are often taken for granted. But we are also aware of the challenges these technologies bring along, including threats to our democratic values, privacy and public security. These threats are targeted through new and future regulations developed by governments around the world hoping to contain the risks and abuse of online platforms and data-intensive technologies.

At Tremau, we aim to support the safe and responsible use of technology by assisting online service providers and AI-enabled technologies to mitigate regulatory risks in a compliant and transparent manner while upholding the freedoms and leverage the opportunities of our digital world.

Why “Tremau”?

Our name is derived from the surname of French engineer Charles Pierre Tremaux (1859–1882), the inventor of “Tremaux’s algorithm” —
a formula to find a clear way out of any maze.

It’s with this same spirit that we create tools to help tech companies navigate the maze of regulation and operational risks.

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